This 8 day Rwanda primate safari will give you a chance to participate in two premium wildlife activities in Rwanda; Gorilla trekking and chimpanzee trekking. Both hikes can be challenging depending on where the chimpanzee or gorillas nested the previous night. The Chimp trekking differs from gorilla trekking because the sightings are a bit more sporadic and rushed, but worthwhile nonetheless as opposed to gorillas that stay for a while in one location

A Chimp at Nyungwe National Park

The trip includes:

3.Park Entry Fees
4.Qualified driver

5.4×4 Safari Car
6.English Speaking Guide
7.Chimp & Gorilla trekking permits

Kigali Airport - Kigali

Day 1

Arrival at Kigali Airport. Your guide will be there waiting for you. Pick up and proceed to your accommodation. Included: airport transfer
Kigali - Butare - Nyungwe Forest National Park

Day 2

Transfer to Butare (Huye) where it is possible to visit the National Museum and Nyanza Hill. Afterwards transfer to Nyungwe Forest.
Nyungwe Forest National Park

Day 3

Early morning Chimpanzee tracking in Nyungwe Forest. You can also go for a walk to the waterfall or visits to the Angolan Black Colobus monkeys (both activities optional). Nyungwe Forest is East Africa’s largest forest, with 13 monkey species, including chimpanzees, Angolan Black Colobus, Mona Monkey and Owl Faced Monkeys. Included: chimp tracking
Nyungwe Forest National Park

Day 4

Go for a nature walk or bird watching along the forest edges, make the Irebero primate walk to spot a variety of birds and monkeys, make the canopy walk or do the Imbaraga waterfall trail to the 4 waterfalls with a great view (one activity included). Included: 1 of the following activities: nature walk, bird watching, primate walk, canopy walk, waterfall trail
Nyungwe Forest National Park - Kibuye (Lake Kivu)

Day 5

Go for a nature walk or bird watching, make the primate walk, make the canopy walk or do the waterfall trail (one activity included). In the afternoon transfer to Kibyu for overnight and relaxation at the lake shores. Included: 1 of the following activities: nature walk, bird watching, primate walk, canopy walk, waterfall trail
Kibuye - Volcanoes National Park

Day 6

Relax at the beach in the morning or go for a nature walk along the shore. In the afternoon we drive to the Volcanoes National Park. Volcanoes National Park is a unique jungle, with many monkey species, including the endemic Golden Monkeys. Volcanoes National Park is part of the Virunga Mountains, covering Uganda, Rwanda and Congo, and one of the two places in the world where you can find Mountain Gorillas!
Volcanoes National Park

Day 7

Gorilla tracking!!! Early morning departure with your ranger to search for one of the world’s most interesting and endangered animals, the Mountain Gorilla! You will spend one hour with one of our closest relatives. An experience you will never forget. Nature walk through the beautiful environment in the afternoon (optional).
Volcanoes National Park - Kigali Airport

Day 8

After breakfast drive to Kigali Airport for your outbound flight. City tour with possible visit of the Genocide Memorial if time allows (optional activity)
A young mountain Gorilla

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