This trip takes you to one of the most famous national parks in Uganda rich with unique wildlife  scenary.

Rhino at Ziwa

The trip includes:

1.Safari van with fuel and driver/guide.
2.Accommodation and all meals
3.Game drive safari.
4.Boat cruise safari.
5.Park Entries

6.English speaking tour guide
7.An early morning game drive
8.An experienced driver
9.Visit to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Travel to Murchison

Day 1

Early morning at 6am, You will depart from Kampala and drive towards Masindi. In three and a half hours (31/2 hrs) you will arrive at Zziwa Rhino Sanctuary along Masindi road. The sanctuary has 15 resident southern white rhinos and it is the only place in Uganda where there are still wild rhinos. Breakfast and lunch will be got along the way ie at Migyera Shall and Masindi Town respectively. You have trek to the top of the Murchison falls, then, later in the evening, you will check in at Twiga Safari lodge, for relaxation, dinner and overnight
Game ride and boat ride

Day 2

This activity will entail you to start very early in the day. You should take a cup of tea or coffee to warm yourself up. You will leave for Pakwach via river Kafu. This because the Ferry is not operational this season. Boat Ride Upon arrival, you will have a scenic boat ride along the Victoria Nile which is part of the catchment of water under the falls. From this view, the falls will look very majestic. This will also be the chance when you can have close encounters with basking hippos by the Nile bank and the chance to see the huge Nile crocodiles. This area is also a haven not only for birdwatchers but for non-birdwatchers alike since there are about 450 species of birds in the vicinity. This activity will take about three hours. This will also show you animals like Jackson’s hartebeests, lions, herds of buffaloes, Rothschild’s giraffe, waterbucks, elephants, and other animals. You will pass between the Victoria and Albert Niles to the Nile-Lake Albert Delta in which this is part of the Buligi game tracks. This adventure will take about 2 hours after which you will check in at Leosim Hotel Packwach for your Dinner and overnight stay.
Travel Back to Kampala

Day 3

The sun rises to the new day. You have time for Personal administration. Breakfast will be ready and you can take it in the agreed time. After everyone is ready you will set off from the hotel and drive to Kampala. Along the way, you will have a lunch stop, and continue to Kampala. This trip is prepared especially for your comfort and full enjoyment but also on the fact that it is affordable and worth it.
Lion at Murchison Falls National Park

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