Zanzibar is an island located off the East African Coast. It’s a tourist paradise with romantic associations of Indian ocean. The smell of spices, Arab chests, carved doors, coral reefs and warm tropical climate made it one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Throughout the archipelago, deserted islands and sandbars beckon and abound, slave caves and colonial graves, ruins of sultan’s palaces and stately plantations; Activity such as diving & swimming offer superb vistas of thriving coral and marine life.
This exclusive tour package gives you wide and best experience in the Prison Island trip, Safari Blue Boat Trip, Nungwi (Baraka) aquarium, Stone town tour, Darajani Market, Kendwa Rocks, Sunset cruise and Spice plantations. In this safari Canaan Travels will provide you with a private vehicle and guide.

Safari Blue Boat

The trip includes:

1.Hotel in Dar es salaam Half board basis & Transfers
2.Experienced Tour guide
3.Excursion fees
4.Transport in Zanzibar

5.Accommodation & Meals
6.Ferry tickets
7.Return air tickets with Uganda Airways [as specified]
8.Airport Pick and drop [if using air ticket]

Arrival in Zanzibar

Day 1

Upon arrival at Zanzibar airport/ harbor your Transfer guide will pick you up and transfer you to Utulivu Bangalow in Nungwi . Here you will settle into your accommodation, relax and have a tour around Nugwi beach. While at the beach in the evening you can swim, enjoy a sunset cruise or just relax in the white sand. You will then return to your Hotel, have dinner and rest in preparation for Day2
Spice plantation and Kendwa rocks

Day 2

Morning at 08:30am a guide will pick you from the hotel and take you on a spice plantation tour, on this tour you will see and taste the tropical fruits, spice plantations or plots on the island. A variety of spices of plants used as ornaments, medicines, flowers and fruits. After enjoying a spice tour you will be transfered for Lunch at good restaurant in Nungwi, later transfer to Baraka aquarium, where you will swim and get a chance to feed tortoises, relax at the beach and late evening return to the hotel, for a short break and transfer to Kendwa Rocks for Full moon party. By attending the Full Moon Party you can engage yourself in chatting to the local Masaai, eating great food, dancing all night on the beach, and catching some really cool performers. Zanzibar has its own way of doing things and therefore it is entirely possible to have an all-night party with ‘hakuna matata’ (no problem) vibes. When ready to leave the party, your guide will drive you back to the hotel to rest and prepare for day3
Safari Blue

Day 3

You will be served breakfast at the hotel in the morning before departure. You will there after head out to Safari Blue, for a full day of sailing & sunbathing on a traditional dhow and seafood barbecue. Setting sail where you explore the Bay where dolphins are often sighted. Around noon you'll be served a buffet of Zanzibar grill and vegetables. The boat will then sail you to a stunning natural lagoon where there is an opportunity to swim, before the day is over and return to Zanzibar beach resort Hotel for a night
Rock Restaurant and Jambiani

Day 4

Visit Rock Restaurant, Jambiani. During lunch hours (earlier bookings for lunch) later evening; Sunset cruise experience. Jambiani has a beautiful 7 km long beach with swaying palms. In contrary to some beaches in the north, this beach has powdery white sand and hardly any rocks or sea-urchins. The barrier reef lies a few kilometres out, with a beautiful crystal turquoise lagoon in between. The broad lagoon of swallow water is perfect for wading, snorkeling and diving and offers an excellent view of the marine. Thanks to its steady sideshore winds, Jambiani is also an ideal spot for wind- or kitesurfing. A high tide it’s nice to swim in the Indian Ocean and at low tide you can enjoy a nice beach walk. Here you will enjoy beautiful beaches, exciting activities, nice restaurants with delicious food and authenticity of the Swahili culture. You will have your lunch at the Rock restaurant where by you will be paying for the meals yourselves so as to allow you enjoy a variety of Swahili dishes. You will then retreat for dinner at Stone town (Forodhani Garden) also known as the night food market and then back to the hotel to relax, unwind and prepare for your last day on the Island
Prison Island Boat Cruise (Changuu Island).

Day 5

At 9:00pm have a Boat Trip to the prison island, a home of Aldabra Giant Tortoises. Flanged by an amazing beach of reef sanctuary, the island is ideal for swimming and beach relaxation for lunch. Changuu Island, also known as Prison Island, is just off the coast of Stone Town, Zanzibar. Now a tourist attraction, Prison Island was once a place where slaves were detained and at one point, it also served as a place of quarantine. A 5-minute walk across the island leads to the former prison ruins. Though in their successful days it was a torturous place to be, nowadays the ocean cliffs, the overgrowth of the plants on the stone walls, and the view of the turquoise ocean is gorgeous.
Visit Jozani Forest

Day 6

Hundreds of years ago, a tropical forest covered the entire island of Zanzibar. The human action and needs gradually reduced the frontiers of that forest, until deforestation was banned. The remaining part was declared protected nature reserve in 1960 it, known today as the forest of Jozani. This wonderful, natural and wild space extends from the land of the interior to the coast of Zanzibar, giving the visitor an unforgettable experience framed by the tropical thicket and starring some of the most curious animal species in the world. The forest is perfectly set up for visits, with a whole trail network that crosses the interior of the woods and turns in exotic wooden walkways when arriving at the coastal zone, which is a flooded mangrove. Have lunch and head out to the Museum in Zanzibar Town, then transfer to your hotel after and rest
Historical Stone Town

Day 7

After you will visit the stone town a city of prominent historical and artistic importance in East Africa. Its architecture, mostly dating back to the 19th century, reflects the diverse influences underlying the Swahili culture giving a unique mixture of Arab, Persian, Indian and European elements. For this reason, the town was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. Stone Town is still considered to be one of the most important cities in the region in terms of history and artistry with its well-preserved 19th-century colonial buildings and a unique culture that is based on Swahili traditions but with a touch of Arab, Persian, Indian, and European elementsYou will also visit the Darajani Market and do some shopping of Zanzibar’s best bags and other items that will interest you. Here you will explore the famous Zanzibar doors, visit the famous slave market, angelican cathedral, old fort, palace museum and have your lunch at Luke man’s Hotel before departure to the airport.
Jambiani Beach

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