In the unique beautiful west of Uganda lies the magnificent Fort portal and the adventurous Queen Elizabeth National park – the most visited in Uganda. It holds the greatest biodiversity of wildlife over 90 species of mammal and in excess of 600 bird species have found their home here including some rare an unusual specimens such as the enormous ‘Whale-headed Stork’ standing at over 1 metre in height. , among these are the African Buffalo, Ugandan Kob, giant forest hog, warthog, Nile crocodile, African Bush Elephant, African Leopard, Hippopotamus, Jackal, Hyena and Lions. Ten primate species are present within the park; these include Chimpanzees, Baboons, Red Tailed, Blue, and Vervet and monkeys.

Elephants at Queen Elizabeth National Park

The trip includes:

1.Accommodation on full board
2.Transport in a fueled 4WD tourist vehicle
3.English speaking tour guide
4.An early morning game drive in Kasenyi plains Queen Elizabeth

5.Boat cruise on Kazinga channel
6.Night Game drive
7.Park entry fees
8.Visit to Lake Katwe
9.An experienced driver

Journey to Queen Elizabeth National Park

Day 1

At exactly 6am East African Time, you will be met by our experienced driver at your residence in Kampala, you will then drive westwards to Queen Elizabeth National Park through Maska-Mbarara high way. A long the way you will have an opportunity to see the beautiful vegetation and the hospitable people along the roads. Also, you will have a bathroom stop in Masaka town and Mbarara, here you can refresh midway to your destination. If you see anything interesting feel free to tell the driver about it, he will stop and allow you to take a few pictures. Later in the afternoon, you will check in at Mweya safari lodge and be relaxed over lunch. After the satisfying lunch and an hour of rest, you will have a 20-minute drive to Lake Katwe an ancient salt mining lake in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Lake Katwe is a customary lake on which salt mining is done, formed through volcanic eruption close to 10000 years ago. The adjacent local community extracts the rock salt directly from this lake all through to the landing site and there it is dried and later sold. Taking a trip to Lake Katwe will offer you an opportunity to learn about the skill of salt water, as well as a chance to directly interact with the salt miners.
Since the 16th century this mine has been in existence and miners are up to date using the traditional methods while harvesting the salt, you will get a glimpse of the salt mining process at Uganda’s leading salt producer for local consumption and industries like leather tanning. You can also take a memorable picture with the miners holding large blocks of salt. You will also get to see a cauldron-like hole towards the rim of lake katwe in which Lake Katwe lies, many elephants since salt is an important constituent their diet. Enjoy the spectacular crater drive with stunning crater lakes and Flamingos, pied avocet, black winged stilt, black terns and sea gulls on Lake Munyanyange (2 Km from Lake Katwe) on your way back to the Safari Lodge for a calm night.
The Queen Elizabeth Park Adventure

Day 2

The day begins with an early breakfast, as we go for a morning game drive in the open savannah vegetation of the Kasenyi plains characterized by various wild animals with Uganda Kob being the dominant one. Because Uganda Kobs are many here, Lions frequent the area and you will most likely see them too during this game drive. You will get to see elephants, buffaloes and other wild animals in their natural habitat, as well as a variety of savannah birds such as the red-throat spur fowls, grey-crown cranes and the yellow throated long crow. In the afternoon we take on a boat cruise along the Kazinga Channel, a natural link between Lake Edward and Lake George. Thanks to the abundant bird life that is sighted and the hundreds of hippos that are cooling off at the shores, this cruise will definitely be one of the highlights of your safari. On the cruise different animals can be seen drinking water along the shores. These include hippos, elephants, buffaloes as well as water birds. Our experienced Guides will be available for inquiries and any other educative information concerning the wild that you will be interested in. The cruise will last around two hours.
Stay at the hotel and night game drive

Day 3

On day 3 you will stay at the hotel and have ample family time together. You will do swimming have a nice stay as you are viewing the magnificent planes of the park and some animals that come to the adjacent the kazinga channel to quench their thirst. From the lodge terrace its almost impossible to tell which way the kazinga channel is flowing, but it actually flows west from Lake George to Lake Edward. It flows slowly because the altitude range is just 40km.Also, you will have a cake served for the family to enjoy. Later in the evening you will have a nocturnal game drive which gives you a chance to see animals which hunt at night either by fear of the hot sun during day or taking advantage of the good night camouflage to trap their prey. Your guide will be with you all through till you return to the hotel.
Return to Kampala

Day 4

Having had a swift sleep, you will have breakfast and be attended by the staff at the hotel who will make sure you have all you need. A vote of thanks will be given preferably in the local language, since by now you know how to thank them in their local language. You will check out and setoff for Kampala through Mityana road. You will have a stopover in Mityana and have lunch, and later continue to Kampala. You will be dropped off at your residence.
Hippos at Kazinga Channel

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