It’s quite remarkable how safe Uganda is to visit after decades of tyrannical rule by murdering dictators. In fact, Uganda is regarded in travel circles as one of the safest and most stable and secure countries in Africa. Uganda is a safe country to visit for a safari tour if you take the usual safety precautions as you would in any country in Africa, particularly in the capital city of Kampala. Persistent problems with petty theft, credit card fraud and overcharging is common but then again, you’ll find these issues are prevalent in any major tourist destination in Africa. There are layers of security at hotels in Uganda as well as restaurants, banks, shopping malls and popular Uganda tourist attractions. The modern government of Uganda is fully aware of how important it is to keep international tourists safe so there’s a strong police presence in the country ranging from Tourism Police to the traffic police. If you read stuff online about how dangerous Uganda is; you’ll find it’s mostly fake news. The police in Uganda are extremely tough on terrorism and are not bound by the laws and courts as in the West. From a terrorism perspective, you’re a lot safer in Uganda than you are in certain countries in Europe. The safest place to be in Uganda is on safari. This is due to the measures the hotel industry and reputable tour operators go to ensure the well-being and safety of Uganda tourists. Security at both Kigali International and Entebbe International Airport is extremely tight. This is for your protection and as a result, there have been no incidences at international airports involving foreign tourists for many years. Security at the hotels in Uganda and the luxury safari lodges make the safety of their guests a priority. Security is integrated into everyday life in Uganda and reputable operators offering Uganda tours will only select luxury lodges in Uganda that deliver on their promise of safety and security.
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