Family Tour is one of the unique ways the entire family can come together to bond and have a long lasting memorable family experience together. Canaan Travels has highly low budget group family tour packages to different destinations all over the world. More interesting is when a family joins other families in our Standard family group tours where they make more friends and network. Be it a customized family tour package or group family tour package where different families mix and come together to enjoy a lovely holiday and adventure experience trip, Canaan Travels Family Tours designers will craft a package that will include cultural immersion, family well-being, tours to attractions, teambuilding activities, health and lifestyle programmes, family bonding activities, fun, resting, relaxation modules and fellowship/prayer experiences. Our family vacation can turn out to be a reunion experience that will bring two generations to four generations of a family together once again from great-great grandparents, grandparents, parents and the children as well as cousins, nephews, nieces and in-laws. What a way to meet again and enjoy a family fun like never before-this is what Canaan Travels is wired to deliver to your beautiful family.
Take the family on a next-level adventure – this is the final frontier of ‘wow.’
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